Sunday, January 22, 2012

CVC playing cards

Here's number two: CVC cards to play games and practice blending.  Testing starts tomorrow so as a fun break, I thought I might make some cards to play games with the munchkins and lighten the mood.  I am going to use them in small groups in Memory games or a more guided activity where the kids will have to match my cards.  I'll keep one set of the words and pass out the other.  Then I may read each word, or give clues like "rhymes with," "looks like," or "is used for."  I want my kids to get more comfortable with blending and I know a fun game is a good place to start.  We have practiced nonsense words, but I think using real words for this game will help us not only blend, but review vocabulary.  With my ELLs, they need as much practice as they can get with words like "cot" and "cap."  If you'd like to play too, get the cards and game suggestions here.

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