Thursday, January 26, 2012


...books!!!! I can never get enough!  Between Scholastic Book Clubs and Amazon, I can't stop spending.  I will always appreciate a good picture book, but now my obsession has moved on to readers for my kinders.  This year I decided to introduce some of my young readers to our school-wide reading program, AR.  At first, it was tons of work...sending home leveled books weekly (everyone gets different books!), reading one-on-one with students to check for fluency and understanding, and helping them one-on-one with the quizzes.  Not to mention the organization factor of rotating and tracking the books.  The kids were also a little hesitant to take quizzes unless asked to...but now, things are really turning around.  Before we even walked in the door today, I had kids begging to take quizzes and working out who would get to go first.  They love it!  They are also taking home multiple books and bringing them back the next day, ready for quizzes and asking for more.  And with all the 100% scores I've been seeing, how can I say no?!  I am SO proud of them and can't wait to get my next order of books for them to devour! 

P.S.- AR's new website feature that gives a link straight to Amazon to buy the books may lead to the eventual max-out of my credit card :) Plus, letting kids take quizzes on the iPad with the free app is the coolest thing ever!

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