Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last day of the farm freebie!

The last couple weeks have flown by and I still feel overwhelmed!  It's that time of year when things are becoming more complicated and all those standards we weren't ready for before, get to be front and center.  I'm We're so sad to say good-bye to our farming days, but as HM says, spring is here!  I wanted to go out with a bang and make ice cream, but the weather report suggests otherwise.  Instead, I though we could take a fun book and use it as a creative writing prompt.  Our district writing test is in a month, so we are writing vigorously every day!  I plan on reading this silly book and using the prompt below.  I'm anticipating some clever responses, and look forward to the illustrations!

I'll have my kids draw a picture of their amazing talent and write a few sentences describing it.  Get it free on my TpT store!

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